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We welcome students of all majors!

Here are just a few benefits of becoming an FIU PRSSA member:

National and local scholarships

Access to the PRSSA Internship Center and the PRSA Jobcenter

Mentorships from Champions for PRSSA, local PRSA chapter members, and the College of Fellows

Discounted or free registration at local PRSA breakfasts, luncheons and events

Tours of agencies and in-house departments

International and district conferences


Join our chapter to access all benefits!

10-6-23 PRSA luncheon 2023_MH_46285.jpg
36th Annual Ev Clay/PRSA Miami Chapter Endowment Fund Luncheon

Two FIU PRSSA members earned the
$3,750 Ev Clay scholarship!

Become a member through two steps:

  1. Fill out our General Membership Survey. This will also let us know if you are interested in FIU PRSSA Leadership Team (LT) opportunities! 

  2. Member dues are critical for us to ensure you have timely access to the many benefits we offer. ​We kindly ask for you to pay your member dues on the national PRSSA website. 

    • This is the breakdown of the member dues to join our chapter: $55 national + $15 chapter = $70

If you have any questions, then please don't hesitate to email us. We are here to help you succeed academically and professionally.

Become a member
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