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Leadership Team (LT) Opportunities

Visit our Join FIU PRSSA website page to become a member of our chapter. Once you become a member, let us know via email what LT position(s) interest you.

FIU PRSSA members eager to take on advanced responsibilities can serve in one of the following executive board positions:

  • President

  • Vice President or Co-Vice President

  • Community Impact Chair

  • Liaison Chair

  • Membership Chair

  • Programming Chair

  • Social Media Chair or Co-Chair

If serving as an executive board member is not the right fit for you, then you can serve as a committee member in up to two committees:

  • Community Impact Committee

  • Liaison Committee

  • Membership Committee

  • Programming Committee

  • Social Media Committee

Open Positions

Community Impact Committee

Responsible for external volunteer activities and internal bonding activities

Committee Members
Assists committee chair in brainstorming, planning and execution of internal and external Community Impact activities.

Liaison Committee
Responsible for networking events, tours, conferences, scholarships and other external partnership opportunities

Committee Chair
Leads efforts to connect FIU PRSSA with PRSA chapters, other PRSSA chapters and external partners. Main projects include the Networking Database System, networking events and social mixers, PR Crawls, and tours of in-house departments. Executes Mailchimp emails for special events. Shares development opportunities with members, including conferences, internships, jobs and scholarships, via Mailchimp and regular email.

Committee Members

Supports committee chair with efforts to build and maintain FIU PRSSA’s partnerships with PRSA chapters, other PRSSA chapters and external partners.

Membership Committee

Responsible for member recruitment, tabling and giveaways
Committee Chair

Responsible for helping the president and vice president recruit new members, retain current members, and monitor the membership status of FIU PRSSA members. Plans and executes on-campus tabling events and CARTA orientation and class visits. Ideates new promotional strategies and activities.

Committee Members
Supports committee chair with recruitment and retainment of members, ensuring the growth and stability of the chapter.


Programming Committee

Responsible for general body meetings and guest speaker recruitment

Committee Chair

Brainstorms programming for general body meetings (GBMs), including guest speaker presentations and workshops. Recruits guest speakers to serve as presenters in GBMs. Creates presentation decks and Mailchimp emails for GBMs.

Committee Members

Supports committee chair with programming brainstorming, planning and execution; recruitment of guest speakers; and creation of presentation decks and Mailchimp emails.

Social Media Committee

Responsible for graphic design, photography, videography and copywriting

Committee Chair or Co-Chair

Works with fellow co-chair to ensure external communications accurately represent our brand. Collaborates with all committees to create and share messages to target audiences.

Committee Members

Supports co-chairs with external communications efforts, including contributing to projects and suggesting areas for improvement.

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